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Porto is a unique destination in its combination of tradition and modernity, its cuisine and its great offering of free leisure activities.

Travelling to Porto is letting yourself be enveloped by the unique atmosphere of the city. It is enjoying a wander through the elegant neighbourhoods of stately homes and nosing around the narrow alleyways that have been declared a world heritage site. It is savouring the flavours of wines of the most famous wineries overlooking the Douro.

A city to explore on foot. To be surprised by the life in a destination that, while always changing, still maintains its most authentic essence.


The capital of northern Portugal breathes life into each tile. From Sé do Porto to the Douro River, Porto passes by in a tiered tangle of alleyways and unique buildings. Climb up and down the steep hills and let the city surprise you with its careful balance of nostalgia and modernity.

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Bars and restaurants

Cod, francesinhas, soups, creams… In addition to being one of the world capitals of wine, Porto is also an important culinary destination. From the most traditional options to the more cutting-edge, we recommend several bars and restaurants that know how to make the most of the best local produce.

Bars and restaurants in Porto


If what you want is a cup of coffee or some of Porto’s famous desserts, the city has loads of establishments that we’re sure you’ll love. Discover cafés that are a historical destinations of their own and others that are perfect for soaking up the everyday life and atmosphere of the city.

Cafés in Porto


Porto has many different alternatives for enjoying the nightlife. We recommend starting off with a drink on the banks of the Douro River, at one of the bars in Ribeira. Late at night in the Clérigos area and in Foz and Matosinhos there are several nightclubs where you can dance until dawn.

Nightlife in Porto

Discover your favourite spot

The ways of experiencing Porto are limitless. It all depends on how you decide to enjoy the city. Whether through its monuments, markets, shops, bars, restaurants, wineries or museums. You decide what you want to see. You decide which Porto you want to experience.

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