The City

It is one of the most demanded capitals of Europe, one of the oldest cities in the old continent and a top destination in which tradition and history co-exist with vibrant modernity and a cosmopolitan character.

The city of the seven hills is a melting pot of cultures, a source of Atlantic light and a never-ending surprise. Looking out from one of the city’s viewpoints, its beautiful silhouette on the Tagus River is reason enough to justify your visit, but there is still the charming amalgam of traditional streets, the thousands of tiles that decorate the city, its many monuments and vibrant range of cuisine…

Don’t think twice. Lisbon has everything it needs to win you over.

There is no better way to experience Lisbon than to get lost in the alleys and on the steps of its popular neighbourhoods. Between its walls and old windows, you can still take in the authentic sights of clothes hanging out to dry, cats resting in the shade and neighbours chatting. Curious travellers walk these streets, surprised by how they change from day to night. And, at night, many of these neighbourhoods transform to reveal the most bohemian side of the city.

This is the Lisbon of bars and pubs, discos and Fado houses, all to be found in Bairro Alto, Mandragoa, Alfama, Graça or Castelo. The Lisbon that is reflected beneath the light of the moon in its eternal companion, the Tagus River.

World Heritage

Lisbon is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Hieronymites Monastery and the Belém Tower.

The Hieronymites Monastery is a key work of Manueline architecture. Built in 1502 and full of decorative features and references to the art of navigation, this is the resting place for kings and queens, illustrious Portuguese figures such as the navigator Vasco de Gama, or poets and writers such as Fernando Pessoa.

A few metres away and leaning over the Tagus River stands Belém Tower, a beautiful example of military architecture in Portugal that commemorates the expedition of Vasco de Gama to India.


Lisbon is outlined by seven hills and, in each of them, numerous viewpoints offer us a unique perspective on the city. These are places criss-crossed by narrow and steep staircases telling us about the history of Lisbon and its Tagus River as we climb.

There are several viewpoints worth visiting: Graça, Nossa Senhora do Monte, Portas do Sol, São Pedro de Alcântara, Castelo de São Jorge, Santa Luzia, Santa Justa or Torrel. And, of course, Cais das Colunas, a place that embraces the impressive Praça do Comércio and the Tagus River.


If there is one dish par excellence that identifies Lisbon, it is roast sardines. Especially when summer comes, and popular festivals take over the city’s neighbourhoods with this delicacy, accompanied by roasted peppers and famous Portuguese wines, sangria or beer. Of course-, we shouldn’t forget salt cod and its infinite versions, shellfish and the wide range of snacks. And to complete the feast, you must try the famous Belém egg tart pastry, a traditional recipe if ever there was one and an icon not only of the flavours of Lisbon, but of all Portugal.

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