Although Lisbon has centuries of tradition, history coexists with prolific trends in urban art and contemporary design in the Portuguese capital.

With initiatives such as the Crono Project, in which 16 of the best European urban artists have embellished buildings in the city with their works, the Bairro Alto galleries, the minimal art industrial spaces of the Alcântara and Belém districts or the CCB, the city’s largest cultural centre with important art collections, every inch of Lisbon exudes creativity.

In addition, the city’s neighbourhoods are dotted with countless workshops of young designers, full of innovative ideas that makes wandering through Lisbon neighbourhoods to discover them always worthwhile.

Minimal Ink

If your experience in Porto made a lasting impression on you and you’re looking for a more permanent souvenir, you have to visit one of the most famous tattoo studios in the city.

More than just a tattoo studio, Minimal Ink is an artistic space that works exclusively through appointments and is located near the Mercado do Bolhão.

With occasional guest artists with expertise in varying fields and unique visions, Minimal Ink is led by Susboom Tattoo and Vesna. Susboom is known for her minimalist geometric design style, using fine lines and watercolour-inspired shading. Vesna uses his dark technique to produce geometric designs using pointillism and graphic colour application.

Together they make up Minimal Ink, a unique space representing a new concept of tattoo art that, without a doubt, can be appreciated by all ink lovers visiting Porto.