The entire Portuguese coast is a perfect destination for surfing and the capital of the country is no exception. A very short distance from the centre of Lisbon, the Cascais area offers the perfect conditions for safely catching some waves. Beaches like Carcavelos, with its predictable tides, are a great option even for those who don´t have much experience on the board.

The first Surf Reserve in Europe and the second in the world can be found near Lisbon. The coastal town of Ericeira is just one example of the excellent conditions needed for surfing that the Portuguese capital offers. Here thousands of surfers meet every year, looking to take advantage of the wide variety of waves offered by the area. In fact, Praia dos Coxos is said to have the best waves in all Portugal.

You can also attend the highest-level competitions a few kilometres from the city such as the Rip Curl Pro Portugal – Peniche, a highly prestigious international event that is held annually at Supertubos Beach.

Whether you are a spectator or being encouraged to get on the surfboard, Lisbon is a destination where it will be really easy to enjoy this fashionable sport.

Surf Porto
Portugal, a surfers’ paradise

With more than 850km of coast, Portugal is the perfect place for surfing. With favourable winds and year-round sunshine, few coasts around the world offer so many places so close together to catch waves.

The ocean crashes against the Portuguese coast and rock canyons have formed at the bottom of the sea at many beaches, which all act to create bigger and stronger waves. From the most famous giant waves, like those at Nazaré, chased by only the most fearless surfers like Garrett McNamara, to waves more appropriate for all levels, Portugal offers perfect conditions for surfing and other sports like body boarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, or paddle surfing.

Porto is not an exception; not far from the city centre you can find beaches where you can quench your thirst for waves. At Bluesock Hostels we understand this thirst, which is why we offer our guests the opportunity to learn or perfect their board skills with surf classes at Matosinhos in collaboration with Onda Pura surf school. Whether you book our Surf Camp or jump on board the Surf Bus that leaves from our hostel, don’t let the opportunity pass you by; take advantage of your stay in Porto and experience the famous Portuguese waves.