Casa da Musica

The cultural and musical scene in Porto would be nothing without the Casa da Música. This jewel of modern European architecture, by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, is the musical epicentre of the city, with a wide variety of concerts scheduled throughout the year.

Over the course of a whole season, Casa da Música offers events covering everything from classical to electronic music. Plus, many of the concerts held here include a meal at Casa da Música Restaurant, located on the top floor of the building with magnificent views of Porto.

If you just want a look around the building, regardless of the concerts, Casa da Música offers regular guided tours that you can join or special group tours. The guide will explain the architecture of the building, its function and the concert schedules. You’ll also find interactive facilities where you can give your musical talent free rein.

Street music

You can tell that Porto is a city of music just by looking at the daily schedule of concerts and musical events held in this Portuguese city. But the city’s streets also have their own unique rhythm.

Just walk through the centre of Porto to enjoy the beats of numerous street musicians, who give a soundtrack to your steps with a wide variety of rhythms and styles.

We don’t want to ruin your chance to discover them for yourself while you’re exploring the city, but here’s a tip from Bluesock Hostels: You’re sure to come across one of these improvised concerts any time of day in Ribeira or on Rua das Flores.