Photo Mosaic
Portuguese Photography Centre

If you’re a photography lover make time for an extra stop when you visit the famous Torre dos Clerigos, because just metres from this iconic building you will find the Portuguese Photography Centre.

Located in the old city jail, Cadeia da Relação, the museum seeks to promote photographic heritage and is also home to the National Collection of Photography. A valuable collection of old photography equipment is on permanent display, as well as photographs from a wide range of time periods, advertising posters, and a specialised library. There are also a variety of temporary exhibits with photographs that range from antique to contemporary, both national and international.

Even if photography is not the most interesting field to you, the museum is still worth a visit because of the history of the 18th-century building, which was a prison until 1974 when the Carnation Revolution brought the Salazar dictatorship to an end.

Entrance into the Portuguese Photography Centre is free, and, with an appointment, so are the guided building tours. It is yet another way to submerge yourself into the history and the past of Porto.

Porto Guitar
Porto Guitarra

Close to the São Bento train station, the sound of the guitars blend with the smell of wood, letting you know you’re close to Porto Guitarra.

Located in what used to be an old tailor shop, Porto Guitarra is much more than just a shop for stringed instruments; it is the meeting place for musicians, guitarists, and music enthusiasts looking to share their experiences or learn something more about traditional Portuguese instruments or the history of Portuguese music.

The soul of this workshop, where you can also enjoy recitals, classes, and concerts, is Agostinho Tico Rodrigues, who combined his passion for music and his experience crafting traditional string instruments to form this project.

Even judging solely by the amount of famous visitors that have passed through its doors, you can see exactly how much interest this historic Portuguese music shop has sparked.  From Craig Ross, Lenny Kravitz’s guitarist, to Gail Dorsey, David Bowie’s guitarist, along with actor Ewan McGregor, who purchased a Portuguese guitar for his Los Angeles home. But you do not have to have millions of followers around the world to be given a warm welcome and feel at home while enjoying your visit to this shop; the only things you need to bring are curiosity, interest, and a passion for music.