Would you let your house be a stage for a concert? With this particular concept, Lisbon Living Room began to organize live music sessions in houses in the centre of Lisbon that were made available by their owners. They were looking for a pleasant place in which to enjoy intimate and different music, a space in which artists could experiment and improvise in a closer way. Now the event is repeated successfully on the last Sunday of every month, without exception.

Jazz, fado, flamenco, folk, blues, classical music… All genres are features in this initiative, in which artists from all over the world have already participated. A date in which the element of surprise also comes into play, as the stage chosen for the concert is unknown even for the musicians taking part until only a few days before the event.

If you do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy one of these intimate musical sessions, stay tuned to the Lisbon Living Room blog and remember the date: the last Sunday of every month.

Photo Mosaic
Portuguese Photography Centre

If you’re a photography lover make time for an extra stop when you visit the famous Torre dos Clerigos, because just metres from this iconic building you will find the Portuguese Photography Centre.

Located in the old city jail, Cadeia da Relação, the museum seeks to promote photographic heritage and is also home to the National Collection of Photography. A valuable collection of old photography equipment is on permanent display, as well as photographs from a wide range of time periods, advertising posters, and a specialised library. There are also a variety of temporary exhibits with photographs that range from antique to contemporary, both national and international.

Even if photography is not the most interesting field to you, the museum is still worth a visit because of the history of the 18th-century building, which was a prison until 1974 when the Carnation Revolution brought the Salazar dictatorship to an end.

Entrance into the Portuguese Photography Centre is free, and, with an appointment, so are the guided building tours. It is yet another way to submerge yourself into the history and the past of Porto.